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10 Examples of Open Space Homes Using Steel

Open space homes have become quite popular today. Steel and glass are the perfect materials for this type of house design. Let us take a look at the different example of homes that features open space design with the use of steel:

1.) Prism Steel Rooftop

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This home has certainly taken the open space design trend into a whole new level. Its open space steel roof prism, allows the open air and sunshine to come in, making the home look and feel a lot more comfortable and brighter. This design is created by an amazing korean architect.

2.) The Glass Walls

Example Open Concept Homes Using Steel
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The steel frame structure, the glass walls, the minimalist style– this is the epitome of an open space floor plan! This house is situated in Amsterdam and is pretty perfect for people who loves the open space and do not care too much about privacy. The glass walls allow the natural light to come into the home.

3.) One-room family House

Modern Examples Open Concept Homes Using Steel
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What used to be a log cabin has become a one-room family house, thanks to the creative architect/designer couple. This open house plan is divided with the use of some string and steel. This steel accessory is used to subtly separate the different “rooms” of this home.

4.) Floating Staircase Hanged By Steel Ropes

Examples Open Concept Homes Using Steel
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One great design idea incorporated in open area design is the floating staircase. This one is hanged with the use of a steel rope, making it a lot safer without crowding its appearance. This style trend has become quite popular due to the fact that it features a dramatic minimalist style and at the same time, it helps the home owner to save space in their houses.

5.) Suspended Steel Loft Bed

Examples Open Concept Homes Using Steel
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Aside from the minimalistic design, one great benefit of an open home design is that it is a space saver home design. The suspended steel bed is not only a conversation starter– it is also a good use of the house’s vertical space, allowing the home owner to make the most out of the horizontal space that he has.

6.) Floating Bed

Examples Open Concept Homes Using Steel
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Thanks to the advent of slim yet strong steel cords, hanging and suspending big items like a bed is now made easy and made more stylish. This minimalist look is the perfect bed design idea for a people who wish to keep an open space design in their home.

7.) Steel Pocket Doors

Examples Open Concept Homes Using Steel

Pocket door is the most used door design for open

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space home designs. This is because this type of door actually disappears when it is opened. Unlike traditional doors, it does not eat up too much space when it is opened. This works the same way as sliding doors.

8.) Suspended steel and glass cabinet

Examples Open Concept Homes Using Steel

You can also apply the open space floor plan in the kitchen with the use of the suspending steel and glass cabinet that are getting popular today. Instead of occupying a big part of the floor space, this cabinet allows you to save space by utilizing the vertical space available in your home.

9.) Hanging Steel Dish rack

Examples Open Concept Homes Using Steel

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The kitchen is the most crowded place in the home. If the home owner wish to create an open floor space in the kitchen, it is recommended that he choose hanging fixtures and storage to make the space seem open and clutter-free. This dish rack removes the clutter in the kitchen table.

10.) Stainless Steel Kitchen Island

Examples Open Concept Homes Using Steel


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The kitchen is the part of the home that would most benefit from the open space floor design. Having a steel kitchen island in the middle adds a modern touch to the kitchen design and at the same time, provides lots of shelf space for an open kitchen.

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