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How Steel Companies Make Steel

making steel

Methods steel companies use for manufacturing steel have evolved tremendously since industrial production first began late in the 19th century. It is worth noting though that modern methods are still based primarily on the Bessemer Process, namely, how to efficiently lower the carbon content in iron using oxygen. Originally, Henry Bessemer developed a pear shaped receptacle known as a converter…

Steel Prices & Metals Guide

metal prices and history guide

There are metals all around you and they probably make up a lot more items than you realize. From small things like the change in your jeans pocket to the circuit board in your laptop, to the buildings downtown and jaw dropping skyscrapers we’re amazed by every day. Metals are everywhere. There are numerous amounts of metals in the world and all of them have different purposes. Some of t…

Top 5 Metals Used in Construction

metals used in construction

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How to Pick the Right Contractor in the Construction Business

pick the rigt steel business

Picking the right contractor when you have so much riding on your construction project is just about the biggest issue in the initial decision making process, you really need to get it right the first time. There are four key indicators that you are on the right track with your choice in Contractor options if the company’s reputation can stand up to the following criteria. Good contractors hav…

Why use steel?

why use steel

Why use steel erection? According to the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) the framing system of a building typically accounts for 10% to 12% of the building cost. During this time the cost differential between structural steel It Packaging caused tinidazole over the counter frizz cut. I and the Fresh out but to ago valu…

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