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Wrought iron has long been one of the most popular looks and materials for fences, gates and railings, for both residential and commercial properties. While they are most commonly associated with a more traditional look, wrought iron can be used to create contemporary, country, vintage or eclectic styles. Being both strong and beautiful, wrought iron is the perfect way to add elegance, customization, and protection to any space. In addition to fences and gates, wrought iron can be impeccably used for walkways and paths, garden edging, decorative doors, posts, stair railings and many other items that will make your home or business feel inviting and enjoyable.

Wrought iron is made from the combination of iron, a natural element that is also a component of steel, and low amounts of carbon, which makes the iron pliable and easy to work and shape in a forge. Wrought iron is a refined form of cast iron, which has higher amounts of carbon. These lower carbon levels leave wrought iron with a higher tensile strength and make it more ductile than cast iron. Because of these properties, wrought iron can be crafted into numerous custom shapes and sizes, including slight, delicate forms and clean strong angles without compromising strength or durability.

At Steel Partners, we will work with you to create a one of a kind design that with complement and enhance the look of your home or business, no matter the style. Using sketches or photos, Steel Partners is able to turn whatever you imagine into a reality. We also offer standard designs for fences, gates and railings that can be made quickly and expertly to save you time and money. Our expert craftsmanship and experienced team will ensure that you not only receive your perfect wrought iron fence, gate or other item, but that you will get the best customer service in Las Vegas.

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