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Steel Partners can help you create your custom fabricated gates! We have experience in tons of different styles and can help you from the design to the fabrication and installation. See our Iron Works page for a gallery of images of custom gates we created for homes and offices around Las Vegas, NV.

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Your gate is the first thing that other people will see when they visit your home. This is the reason why we at Steel Partners give our best in creating the right gate for you. Let our qualified staff create the right gate that suits your home. Get the right gate for your house or property.

Steel gates have become extremely common. We therefore desire to create unique gates that will represent each individual home. There are now new trends in the designs of these gates and just like the changing trends, we also create ways to satisfy this desire. Get the latest design in steel gates with Steel Partners. Choose among our standard gates or create your own customized design.

Our Standard Gates

You may decide to go with our standard gates that come in a variety of designs. This may include more modern styles or the traditional gate. Steel Partners keep in mind both elegance and practicality of the gate. We make sure that your gate serves its purpose: to represent and protect you.

Our steel gates have proven to be durable and long lasting since we use the best material there is to construct them. You may also choose the right color for your gate and we guarantee that this will last long due to the lasting characteristics of powder coating we use together with paint. This will prevent abrasions, scratches and even rust from ruining your gate.

Customized Gates

You may have your own ideas for your gate that you believe would make your house look best. Your designer or architect may also help in the process by giving you insights and suggestion about the matter.

Start sketching the gate that you have in mind. You may think of anything under the sun since our expert team is prepared to build whatever gate you want created. Our understanding of steel and its properties gives us the ability to work with you on any design you can dream up.

In addition to your custom design, you may choose from a wide range of colors to add a more specific or unique look to your gate. You may also add texture and gloss for a greater impression. We will keep in touch with you during the process so that together, we can create the right gate that will satisfy your taste.

Swing or Sliding Gates

You may choose between swing and sliding gates. We guarantee quality for whatever you choose. Let us determine the right gate for you. We highly recommend the automatic swing door for ease of use and safety. However, we have many other functional options that you can discuss with our specialist to make sure that your gate best meets your needs.

Steel Partners is here to make quality gates of all types. We do this because we want to deliver quality products to our customers. At Steel Partners, we guarantee only the best.

Gates History 101

Humans began to smelt and work metals somewhere around 1000 B.C., so blacksmithing is an ancient and highly skilled art. For a good part of our existence we have relied on people with these skills to manufacture all our tools and forms of protection – like gates. We are comforted by the lines and shapes created by high-quality craftsmanship. Gates are manufactured through a repetitive process of smelting (heating and melting), cooling, and shaping. This is then followed by cutting, bending, and assembling the metal into the desired piece.

Below is a list of some of the most commonly used metals for manufacturing gates. Read over them carefully and decide which is best for you and your construction project.

Picking the Metal

How do security, safety, parking, and maintenance factor in? In order to answer this question you need to consider what purposes you want your gate to serve. These things will all have an impact on the type of metal you choose for your gate.

  • Steel – Steel gates are the strongest of the different gate metals. Steel provides a significant amount of security, are long-lasting, and it hold up well against the elements if its properly coated.
  • Iron – Iron gates are heavy, strong and and intimidating. With this type of metal gate, you never have to worry about the gate being easily damaged.
  • Aluminum – Aluminum gates are less expensive and are the lightest in weight. They don’t rust and they’re long-lasting. Aluminum gates, however, are not as strong as steel or iron.


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