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Impressive Outdoor Fire Pits Using Iron & Stone

Wrought Iron OR Stone?

Most outdoor fire pits are done in one of two materials: metal (wrought iron) or stone. We at Steel Partners can create a custom iron fire pits tailored to your home. Look at these posts for ideas and inspiration.

Fire Pit 1

A fire pit is one of the most eye-catching pieces you can accessorize your yard with and can often look like a piece of art. Fire pits are popular not only because they are stunning when they feature a gorgeous fire roaring on a chilly night, but also because they are inviting and warm and they give everyone the opportunity to roast those delicious marshmallows!

Stone Fire Pits

Stone Fire Pit 2

Stone Fire Pit

Stone is a beautiful way of seamlessly blending your fire pit in with your patio area, housing finish material, or with the natural landscape background. Natural stone is also an amazingly low maintenance, durable material that weathers the outdoors. Typically, stone fire pits give a more traditional look but can easily fit into a transitional or modern look, depending on the stone that is used.

Metal Fire Pits

Metal Fire Pit 3

Metal Fire Pit 4

As an increasingly popular option, metals, including iron and steel, are used to fabricate amazing fire pits. Steel is the perfect material for an ultra modern or sleek fire pit and creates a unique contrast to natural elements.

Metal Fire Pit 5

Metal Fire Pit 2

Iron can lean more towards a more traditional or rustic look while offering a completely custom, detailed design, like ornate shapes, wording, or pictures, as shown above. With all the finishing and powder coating options that are out there, your color possibilities are nearly limitless on any metal.

Steel, iron, aluminum or a number of other metals, not only allow for numerous design possibilities, but stand up well to weather and to heat. Certain metals might patina or naturally change in appearance due to the heat, but this is a sought after look for some styles.

What goes in the fire pit?

Fire pit glass

In either metal or stone fire pits, glass rocks or marbles are the perfect modern alternative to the natural log or stone fire pit fillers. Glass comes in a number of different colors, sizes and shapes and look beautiful as a backdrop to the flames.

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