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At Steel Partners here in Las Vegas we offer an array of styles of steel banisters or railings for your stairs. From modern-contemporary to traditional banisters we have designed, crafted and installed them all. Give us a call today and we’ll provide you with a quick FREE consultation on your project! 

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You rarely notice the staircase when you move up and down despite the fact that it has always been there to provide you with a convenient means of reaching the different floors of your house. However, there might come a time when you choose to make a few changes to it since you may just be bored of its same old monotonous design. In addition, you might think of adding a particular design to it so as to create some style and distinction. If you want these things then you might want to make sure you are choosing the right railing design that will complement your house.

You may want your home to have a rustic appeal or use the minimal lines of wire and cable railings. Choosing the best among the existing designs will make an elegant design accent to the interiors of your house. Please consider the following points in choosing the right stair railings.

Your Individual Style

The beauty of your home depends largely on the preference of the home owner and the views of the architect and the interior designer. Envision the colors as well as details of your home to determine what makes it beautiful.

When your home is built under the influence of artisans and you have a few sculptures to show off then you may want a hand rail that has the same qualities. Most of the time, the local artists and sculptors are given the job. If you want a country feel for your stairs, then you may choose to have wooden hand railings. Remember, whatever motif you have for home, there is a right stair railing for it. For the best outcome, allow Steel Partners do the stair railing for you.

Aesthetics and Safety

Style should always complement safety and aesthetics of the railings. There are buildings codes followed in your locality that may dictate how high your railings should be to make sure that it is safe.

Following a local building code doesn’t mean that your stairs need to be dull. You can contact hand rail designers to help you decide on the design so your handrails will look good. There are a lot of styles to choose from that follow building codes so you don’t need to worry about safety and aesthetics.

No More Dull and Boring Railings

There are railings that simply do not make a statement at all. There are instances that aesthetics are so highly considered that important views in the house are blocked. There are great versions of stair railings that consider aesthetics but do not block the view of important parts of the house.

Steel Partners is here to give you the best design of stair railings that do not compromise on aesthetics but are very stylish and perfect for your home.

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