Trellises & Pergolas

Trellises and Pergolas are the perfect way to add a touch of elegance. For this reason, more and more homes & offices are adding these features.

Steel Partners provides trellises that suit your home or office. We guarantee quality and durability with every product we sell. We offer Trellis styles in Modern – Contemporary or Traditional. Give us a call for a free and quick consultation: 702.222.4707

Custom Steel Canopies and Pergolas

Horiz Trellis

Canopies and pergolas offer beautiful and sparing coverage that allow you certain benefits, like being able to see through to the sky while still feeling coverage or being able to add lighting and plants that create a unique style that is specific to your home.

Steel Partners can custom make your trellis to whatever specifications you need: height, length, even shape. Powder coating allows you to choose the color of your trellis to go perfectly with your home, yard, porch, park or number of other locations that need the beautiful coverage that horizontal trellises offer.

Custom Steel Vertical Trellises

Garden Trellis

Our custom steel trellises can make your garden look wonderful. These trellises are created according to your preference. Think of the right design that complements your garden or consult your designer or your architect to decide on the right steel trellis for your garden. You may also start sketching what kind of steel trellis you want and Steel Partners will make it a reality.

Our standard trellis line creates an elegant look while keeping function in mind. Each steel trellis is made from ½” steel square tubing. We create trellises that are sturdy in design and that can resist impact. The grid pattern designs allow plants and vines ample space to flourish in the garden. There is a three inch clearance that allows the pruning and trimming of the plants. We build and stock at least 17 different trellises that vary in size and come in two colors namely tan and rust. These colors complement your garden and even add beauty to it.

Here at Steel Partners, we have a wide range of colors to choose from and you may decide which to use for your steel trellis. The perfect color should complement your house or garden. The design of the trellises should complement this as well.

To determine that right design for your house, look closely at your garden and imagine how your concept may affect the look. If your idea complements your garden then let Steel Partners create the winning custom steel trellis for your home. We know how to make your desired steel trellis right.

Purchase Only the Best from the Best

At Steel Partners, we guarantee that the Trellis you order is made of quality materials. Our staff know the right trellis for you. We want you to have the exact steel trellises that fit your needs!

Steel Partners has long been in the industry, providing only the best steel products like steel trellises. We have satisfied numerous customers with our standard and custom steel trellis. You may choose among our standard steel trellis and purchase the right one that suits your home.

You may also want to have your own custom design trellis for your home. Think of a good design and start sketching this. We, at Steel Partners, can make these designs into reality and you may even have other iron works made to complement your trellis.

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