Iron Swimming Pool Fences


Steel Partners create unique residential pool fences in different styles and guarantee durability since all our fences are made with hot dipped galvanized steel frames. This ensures that these fences are long-lasting. Our pool fences are also made more durable with our powder coat finishes.

Pool Fence Specifics

Our swimming pool fence comes in different styles that suit your home. You can be confident that the swimming pool fences we create meet the standard set by U.S. B.O.C.A. Product Safety Commission Guidelines for home pool fences since we want these fences to serve their purpose: to keeping the area safe while being stylish. Each picket is spaced 4 inches apart and has no mid-rail to prevent individuals, especially children, from climbing on it. The panels commonly have a smooth rail across the top.

For it to last longer, we make sure that the materials we use are high quality. We know that steel has an extremely long life and is 100% recyclable but we use hot dipped Galvanized Steel to make sure that it will last even longer and benefit you more. Plus, we use our powder coating finish which prevents damage due to abrasion, scratch or even rust from damaging our products. This kind of coat finish also guarantees that the material is environment friendly since it doesn’t contain any chemicals.

Most of our pool fences stand 5ft tall and 7 ft. 6 in. long.

Standard Pool Fence

We have a number of standard pool fence designs for you to choose from. We guarantee that these fence posts are durable and stylish. Plus, these pool fences are easy to have installed or you to install yourself!

Pool Gate

We also have a matching pool gate that individuals use to access the pool. These designs match the pool fences and we keep in mind safety and durability while making these steel gates. Hot dipped galvanized steel is also used on the pool gate as well as black powder coating finishing to ensure durability of the product. You can be confident that the pool gates are safe since it has a child-resistant Magna Latch and automatic closing Tru-Close Hinges.

Pool Fence Installation

You may choose to contact a professional laborer who has mastered pool fence installation, but it is also easy to install our Do-it-Yourself pool fence panels on your own.  If you are interested in doing it yourself, then all you have to do is set the posts in concrete, place the mounting brackets into the horizontal frame provided and screw this on concrete. If you want your pool fence to follow your area codes then you might want to ask for help from professional contractors to do the job.

Steel Partners is always here to do things right. We understand how important pool fences are so we do our best to create products that will serve its real purpose while complementing your home.

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