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Mini Guide to the Different Types of Car Port Structures

modern steel carport

A vehicle is the most expensive and important investment one can ever make. Because of this, it is a must for vehicle owners to ensure that their cars are being taken care of properly.

One great way to provide protection to your vehicle is by building a car port. Today, there are many types of carport structures that you can choose from. The key to finding which structure would suit your needs and satisfy the requirements of your vehicle is to knowing the difference between these structures.

Here is a short guide to help you out.

  • Prefabricated Metal Canopies

prefabricated metal canopies

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This type of carport structure is usually made with the use of galvanized steel. From the term ‘prefabricated’, this structure are already constructed prior to delivery so minimal assembly is needed. The only thing that the home owner has to do is to set it up and put a roof on top. This semi-permanent structure resembles a party tent that is made out of steel.

  • Party Tent Carport

Party Tent Carport
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Party tent carports are basically party tents that are large enough to cover and protect the car. Since this type of carport is made up of polyethylene poles, it is light weight and can be easily transferred from one spot to the other. However, this carport option is not as stable and sturdy as any other carport structures.

  • Aluminum Carports

Aluminum Carport
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This type of carport is made up of aluminum rods. Because of this, its weight lies between the party tent carports and prefabricated metal canopies. It is still lightweight and quite portable. Despite its light weight, it is considered a lot sturdier than party tent carports. The aluminum material is rust-resistant, allowing it to withstand rain and sunshine without showing

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visible signs of wear and tear.

  • Extension Garage

Modern Extension Garage
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If you are looking forward to making your carport permanent, this is the best option for you. Extension garages are usually made of concrete and can withstand the attack of storms and snows. This is usually done by extending the garage structure by a few meters then putting polycarbonate sheets on top to serve as a roof.

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