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A traditional home build requires that each room be separated by walls or another kinds of fixed, solid barriers with the flow being strictly directed by simple traditional doors. For the longest time, there were to main reasons for this: 1) it was easier to keep one small room heated and lit than a huge open space before the development of good HVAC and 2) steel was not developed enough for big interiors nor has it been affordable to add to individual home construction, until now.

Modern house plans now feature open and flexible floor space that allows the homeowner to tailor the home’s functionality to their lifestyle. This has been called the “open space” or “open plan” concept. The designs of such homes are aimed to bring ample light indoors, maximize the space available, minimize building costs, and create asymmetrical lines and geometric shapes that give a space interest and excitement. The use of steel makes a number of things available that would have been impossible before.

Even in open concept homes, the bedrooms and the bathroom are still considered private areas and are sealed from impertinent and prying eyes. Using steel and other modern structural features, the rest of the house can be fitted with very exciting and aw-inspiring features such as:

  • Large sized windows, which allow sun light into the house and minimizing electrical power expenditure for providing illumination to the common areas of a house. There can be an abundance of such windows or, even better, use glass surrounding for the entire building.
  • Floating stairs, which are one of the most popular and intriguing concepts. A normal staircase would require support structures on both sides thus limiting the space underneath. Floating stairs apart from giving the impression that they are detached in space, allow the space underneath to be used as deemed necessary. For an even better visual effect, the side railings can be eliminated altogether.
  • Vanishing doors, which are not actually a new concept and can be found in almost every company building, supermarket, bank, airport, store and generally anywhere there is a building that is either a traditional or contemporary build. They can be even more pleasing to use if fitted with automatic retraction mechanisms and motion sensors. The most usual application is the retraction of the doors inside the side walls. Another option especially if the door is to be used in a class partition is to place the doors on rails retracting on either side of the glass structure. Of a more imaginative solution would be to retract the door upwards and towards the ceiling. There is a myriad of choices on this feature that can be limited only by the available budget.
  • Vaulted Ceilings were once considered as the ultimate in home luxury. Some also called ahem cathedral ceiling. They were abandoned for some time, as they was considered as a serious energy waste factor even though they could provide a lot of sunlight or artificial illumination inside a house. New construction materials and new energy saving techniques have eliminated this downside and revived this style to a must in modern buildings.
  • Open space kitchen/dining/living, which is not a new idea either can be found more and more, even in traditionally built houses, wherever space is limited. Separating the kitchen in an isolated room, the dining room in a different area and the living room on its own, requires a much expanded floor space, especially if you are called to entertain a large number of people. Unifying these three areas into one requires a lot less space and a far more gratifying aesthetic result is achieved.

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  • Unusual geometrical shapes. Restricted rooms in boundaries require specific frameworks to support their function. Open space floor plans can be shaped to whatever the home owner can think of. Why not having the open kitchen/dining/living space in a circular, or diamond, or triangular shape? Why not go one step further and give the entire house an unusual shape? An added bonus to the maximizing of space availability is the possibility of including in the same area structures that would otherwise be left out. What structures? Let the imagination run free…

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The entire idea of an open space house is not only to provide space availability to do as desired. It is also a tool for the personality and the imagination of the homeowner. Traditional house building restricts that only as far as the interior layout and decoration is concerned. Contemporary architecture lets people do whatever comes to anyone’s mind.

Whenever there is a desire to build such a house, taking advice from traditional architects and standardized firms would be inadvisable. It would be much preferable to contact and receive all the pertinent information on the specifics of the required project by companies specializing in building such houses and add-ons like Steel Partners.

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